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Our Employee Value Proposition (EVP) highlights the top reasons our employees enjoy working with us

Purpose and meaning

Work towards something greater than yourself.

The Australian Public Service (APS) offers a clear purpose and meaningful work where you can make a positive impact in people's lives.

Every employee contributes to improving outcomes for Australia and the Australian people. We do this by providing impartial and informed advice to the government of the day, implementing key policies and delivering services to the Australian community. The work we do touches all aspects of life including social welfare, the economy, national security and the environment.

If you'd like to feel a strong connection to your work and you're committed, accountable and open to change, join us in shaping Australia's future.

Picture of Chris - Team Leader

Meet Chris - Team Leader

When Chris joined the APS 22 years ago, he didn't really know what to expect. Now, he sees it as an opportunity to make an impact and influence positive change for Australia.

'I grew up in Walgett, a small rural town, and now I live and work in Dubbo, which is much bigger. I've seen the good and the bad – but also lots of opportunities where I can do some really good work.'

Chris has worked in many roles across his career, but he’s drawn to work that helps people in their time of need. He’s particularly proud of his experiences providing support to vulnerable youth and survivors of domestic violence, so they can establish a life in which they are safe and financially independent.

'The APS has given me lots of opportunities to use my life skills and professional skills to help vulnerable people. At the core of it that’s what I want to do – help people who need it and break down myths about the APS so people know they can turn to us when they need help.'

Chris is passionate about continually improving the APS and ensuring others have the same opportunities to grow and achieve their goals.

'I want to help people change things for the better and make sure that when I step out or step aside, the next person will want to continue doing what I do. Even if I won’t make the change or see the change in my lifetime or career in the APS, I'd like to at least start the process.'

Opportunities to learn and grow

In the APS, you can enjoy a diverse and engaging career and access a wide range of learning and development opportunities. Regardless of where you are in your career or what your skills are, there's a pathway and role for you.

We're unique in the breadth of work on offer across Australia and overseas. You will have opportunities to move around the APS, discover your strengths and gain new experiences – all while developing new skills in a supportive environment.

Working in the APS is challenging and rewarding in equal measure. You'll be supported to stretch yourself and grow, both professionally and personally, and encourage those you work with to do the same.

Picture of Danny - Advisor

Meet Danny - Advisor

'I can't think of many other organisations that would offer the same diversity of work as the APS.'

Danny's APS career started in a call centre in Melbourne. His career has taken him to remote Western Australia where he assisted asylum seekers, to Canberra where he worked in complex case resolution on migration cases, and on posting to the Australian Embassy in Egypt as a Senior Migration Officer. While on posting, Danny regularly travelled to Sudan to interview refugees for resettlement in Australia and in his free time he enjoying travelling to Tunisia, Morocco, Ethiopia, Lebanon and throughout Europe. 'I've worked with a lot of vulnerable clients in difficult situations, and being able to be respectful and guide them through the assessment process is very rewarding.'

Danny's been able to thrive in a series of challenging roles and environments due to the training and mentoring he's received while working on-the-job. 'I've had amazing managers in the APS that have recognised my abilities and helped with my development. Not having a university-level qualification hasn't held back my career – I've always had managers and colleagues who pushed me to challenge myself which has exposed me to incredible opportunities.'

Community and belonging

We believe everyone belongs.

Our leaders are focused on building a workplace which values diverse views, backgrounds, abilities and perspectives. 

We work under a strong set of shared values and expect high standards of workplace behaviour and integrity.

You’ll be part of a community of strong, passionate and proud professionals. Our people speak of working in supportive, flexible and collaborative teams and fostering life-long friendships with colleagues around Australia.

Picture of Amy - Policy Officer

Meet Amy - Policy Officer

Amy joined the APS to seek its rich learning and development opportunities after graduating from university. She says her expectations have been met – and exceeded.

'My mentor and supervisor have been great and given me so many opportunities. I've put my hand up for so many things and I've always been supported to do it.'

Beyond developing her skills and growing her career, Amy also values the mentorship and friendly, collaborative culture she’s experienced in the APS. 'I'm always encouraged by my colleagues. It feels really good to work together towards a shared goal.'

'There are a lot of people I can talk to and make friends with. I really enjoy how people want to keep being friends and mentors, even after they've moved into a different agency and team.'

Amy's advice to people applying for jobs in the APS is simple: be patient.

'Even if you get into a role and it's not what you want, you can move around. You can do training; you can meet new people; you can network. I'm so glad I was able to find a job in the APS.'

Flexibility and balance

Flexible work is a core part of the way we do business and we are committed to offering flexibility for all APS roles. 

The nature of flexibility will depend on the role – you may be able to access options such as varied hours, flexible start and finish times, job share, and remote or hybrid work.

We know flexibility is important so you can balance your work and personal priorities. We encourage our employees to work with their manager to find creative flexible working solutions to benefit them, their team and their organisation.

Picture of Jane - Policy Advisor

Meet Jane - Policy Advisor

Early on in her career, Jane's managers gave her work that showcased her strengths. 'Troubleshooting and problem solving were my thing and my work could be structured for me to do that, while I developed skills in other ways. The training I received also taught me planning and other skills to help me get through my day.'

Jane spent most of her APS career undiagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), but says the APS' strength-based assessment of her skills helped set her up for success.

'Everywhere I have gone in the Australian Public Service has accommodated my needs. Part time has never been an issue; flexible working practices have always been available. I've been so well looked after.'

When Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer, Jane's workplace supported her to take a year off work. Her manager even encouraged her to apply for a promotion opportunity while she was on leave, which she won. Jane has been unable to return to full-time work due to disability as a result of her cancer treatment, but has been supported to do her best work in a part-time capacity.

'I've had the most amazing career from serving veterans, learning about the different industries, and developing my leadership skills. I'm currently doing work at the National Indigenous Australians Agency where I can see changes in everyday lives. What an incredible opportunity!'

Conditions and lifestyle

Be a part of a secure, dynamic public service with great conditions of employment in a diverse range of roles and locations to support your lifestyle.

No matter where you work with us, you'll have access to:

  • competitive superannuation
  • transparent pay
  • generous leave entitlements, including paid parental and personal leave
  • flexible work arrangements
  • wellbeing support mechanisms

Conditions are transferrable across the APS. This means if you change agencies, your leave entitlement will follow you to your new role.

Picture of Jack - Executive Assistant

Meet Jack - Executive Assistant

In his role as an executive assistant, Jack provides administrative support to senior leaders and their teams. 'I find it very fulfilling to support work that is in the public interest and for the public good and benefit.'

Jack has worked hard to develop close working relationships with his colleagues, which he particularly values. 'The conditions, stability and workplace culture were a big sell for me when I applied. However, what I value just as much as any other benefit is that I enjoy the company of the people I'm working for. In a role where my responsibility is to support others, it's really important to have good relationships.'

When Jack isn't working, he's often rehearsing for and performing in theatre shows. He recalls his initial reluctance to propose alternative working arrangements to accommodate his hobbies, but he felt supported by his manager's assurance that they could find an arrangement that would benefit everyone.

'It's very nurturing and reassuring for me that the people I work with are encouraging of me pursuing those things outside of work. Coming out of COVID where we all had to learn how to work differently, the APS' embrace of flexible working arrangements is particularly worth celebrating.